Chords of Thrir
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Alfar Basics
Life Expectancy 800-1000 Special Abilities Illusion/Disguise abilities Elemental Bias Celestial TITLE word
Royal Titles MÃ¥ltrost (Song Thrush) [taken surname]
High Queen, Crowned Royal, King
Alternate Names Human: Elf
Bakru: Stars
INFO word

Common Traits:
Comfortable in the elements. Alfar are as one with nature as the Sidhe. Elegance enhances everything they do, with knowledge that the end sleep is never their last.

Alfar are a greatly diverse race, varying in skin tone, hair and eye colouration. All Alfar have no or little facial hair, and elongated pointed ears. The older the person, the longer the ear. They also tend to be graceful.

Minimum Makeup Requirement:
Below is a description of what is expected when representing certain variations of the Alfar. The minimum requirement would be medium/long ear tips.