Chords of Thrir
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Bakru Basics
"The bakru is never afraid, because they are never alone."
Life Expectancy 150-ish Special Abilities Shield Specialty, or Innate herbal knowledge. Elemental Bias Earth Pronunciation BAK-roo
Royal Titles [taken surname]
Crowned Royal
Alternate Names Human: Halfling
Dvergr: Hobble
Pronouns a (used for any and every pronoun)

Known For:

General: Minimum Makeup Requirement: Variations:

Common Culture
Languages: Solitary or Groups / Nomadic or Sedentary: Sedentary Groups. Typical Dwellings:
Naming: Heraldry/Personal Marks: Nobility Symbols:
Most Common Clans in the Area: Common Professions: Cultural Taboos: Exterior Cultural Influences: Religion:
  The first Bakru are said to have been given life by Meloär and Timbal, who heard the wind moving through the trees and the trees whispering back their secrets. Wanting to know more, they took their seeds and shaped them into the Bakru. It is why every family name is the name of a tree or shrub.   Not very long ago, Dryads looked to keep Bakru as their personal servants to do their bidding and protect the trees they lived in and were connected to from being torn down by other species. Bakru were better at finding loopholes and making verbal contracts than even Fae (though the Fae's penchant for it is more widely spread.) So, while the Drayds managed to capture some Bakru, the Bakru managed to make sure the Dryads knew the work was not free.
 This lead to several forests being off-limits to anyone and everyone (even fellow Dryads) until demands were seen to. The unrest lasted two Bakru generations when treaties were made. To this day Dryads are very, very cautious when working with Bakru or anyone in connection with them.