Chords of Thrir
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Dvergr Basics
"With games in the yard joyous they were, to them was naught the lack of gold"
Life Expectancy 800-1000 Special Abilities ... Elemental Bias Earth Pronunciation DWAIR-gurh
Royal Titles [taken surname]
No matter the gender, the title is Jarl.
Alternate Names Human: Dwarf (Dwarrow)
Bakru: Twerg
Lares: Tuirk

Known For:

General: Minimum Makeup Requirement: Variations:

Common Culture
Languages: Solitary or Groups / Nomadic or Sedentary: Typical Dwellings:
Naming: Heraldry/Personal Marks: Nobility Symbols:
Most Common Clans in the Area:
Common Professions: Cultural Taboos: Exterior Cultural Influences: Religion:
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